Protecting your information

There are recent changes in legislation that mean that NHS care providers including Nunwell Surgery are required to send confidential data in limited circumstances to the Health and Social Care Information Centre.  This information will be processed in a secure environment. will use this information with the intention of improving healthcare and NHS England have committed not to share this confidential data unless there is a legal basis or an overriding public interest in disclosure.  The data will contain personal information and will use identifiers such as date of birth, NHS number, postcode or gender to link it to information from other sources such as hospital to analyse patient care.

Some patients have already let us know that they do not want to share their information for other purposes and we will be writing to these patients to confirm their wishes with regard to the new legislation.  If you have never previously informed us that you do not wish to share your data, you need to contact us as soon as possible and discuss this as there are different levels of security that can be applied to your records.

If you are happy for your data to be shared in a confidential and secure way to improve health services, you do not need to do anything.