Off The Record – November 2016

We are very pleased to welcome Dr Richard Walthew to the Surgery. He has previously worked as a Partner at a busy GP Practice in North London and brings with him a lot of experience both within clinical Primary care and training of individuals and groups who work within the Health service.


As I am sure everyone has noticed, we have been having a very challenging time trying to maintain the high standard of service offered by our dispensary. The causes for this have been largely out of our control. We are in the process of trying to recruit new staff, while at the same time making best use of support given to us by Hereford CCG. The government has put forward a 5-year plan for Primary care and part of this is related to looking at the safest management of prescribing. By the end of this year we hope to have restored our team sufficiently to enable us to offer you the service we would desire.

Many thanks for your patience with the adjustments we have had to make and to all the staff who are working at the moment in the dispensary who are working beyond their usual commitments in an attempt to deliver an effective and safe service with the challenges that we are presently facing.


If anyone wants to give us feed back about any part of the service we offer, this can be done either directly to us via forms we have at reception or our website. You can also feed back to the Patient participation group.


Autumnal health issues.  Don’t forget to come to the drop in clinics for your Flu vaccinations or if you can’t make it on the special days, book in via reception for a ‘flu’ appointment. You might also be able to have “Pneumonia” immunisation: this is against a bacteria called Strep. Pneumococcus, the commonest cause of Pneumonia. Some people will also be eligible for shingles immunisation.   Ask a nurse or at reception if you would like to know if you are eligible.


Don’t forget about the health benefits of living in and around Bromyard too. Going for a walk on the Downs, Bringsty common or on other pathways in the area will probably do you as much good as coming to the surgery!



Future developments at Nunwell Surgery. As previously mention the Government has made a 5 year plan for Primary care. With the help and support from various health providers in the county, including the CCG, Wye Valley Trust, 2Gether trust [mental health services] and Taurus, we are all working together to interpret the plan from the Government and to plan for the most effective health service for the patients on our list, as well as the whole community of Herefordshire. There are some improvements that we can influence and other changes that are beyond the control of anyone within Hereford. We will keep you informed as much as possible with the ever changing management of the NHS.



Dr Steven Scott